About Us

Blue Media Cambodia Co., Ltd.

Blue Media Cambodia is a Cambodia-based company which provides creative, ethical and high quality media products and services to the government, non-government and business institutions which are looking for media services to expand their brand names, to design competitive marketing strategies and to efficiently reach their target customers.

Blue Media Cambodia has a dedicated team of over 10 years of experience in producing featured documentary video, television commercial, television program, photography, creative art design and publication, advertising, and event management.

We are committed to bring you creative media solutions from Consulting Services (Brainstorming, Conception, Pitch, Scripting, Location Scouting, and Storyboarding) to Video Production and Post-Production Services as well as helping you take advantages on modern media technology era at a very affordable rate to meet your company’s vision and missions.

Given our experience and expertise for government, non-government and business institutions, we believe we can offer unique and superior services to you in comparison to what is currently available. Whether you are searching for something primitive or stylish, we are committed to recommend you from a multitude of sources and tools that will bring your messages to reach across thousands of miles.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading Media Solution Company in Cambodia by delivering quality and creative media productions and reliable services, and to become an essential strategic partner with our clients by developing mutual long-term relationships to drive better changes for clients’ institutions and society as a whole.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you the best alternative media solution partner by offering creative, innovative and comprehensive productions and services. We attempt to extend long-lasting interaction based on understanding, collaborating and concerning the most on the quality of our products and the speeding of our best services.

By offering a very competitive price with the finest quality, we create chances for you to grow as rapidly as you can with every scheme that will obtain the effectiveness and efficiency.

Why Us?

The demand and growth rate for media services is at all-time high, and  there is no sign of abating anytime soon. We believe the high cost in media production which is almost unnegotiable is partly because the base cost in technical production is high. The another reason is because the advertisement companies which provide large and medium production services in the market nowadays have exaggerated the revenues of add-on prices. Therefore, we wish to cut down on the overwhelming expenses of your advertisement projects by maintaining high quality but under acceptable prices.

The keys to our company’s success are: Competitive Prices, Quality Based and Customers’ Satisfaction.


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